Furry Tales International, Inc.

Nonprofit Animal Rescue and Adoption Organization

Furry Tales International, Inc.

Nonprofit Animal Rescue and Adoption Organization

To all the cat lovers, and people who would like to improve their karma 🌞 If you were interested in helping others- however could not decide where to start- here is a great great opportunity. Furry Tails International really needs your help. And actually there are few ways you can help , based on personal situation.

1. I will start with the easiest one: you can donate money, via PayPal ( it doesn’t have to be certain amount, whatever you can, $10, $20, $50, $100, $200, $500 etc .... feel free to choose your own number P.S. put a note FOR CATS

PayPal to: Furrytalesinternational@gmail.com

2. You can order food on Amazon ( don’t worry, the list is prefilled , with shipping address, and food choices, all you have to do is choose out of a list, click order and done deal. As I mentioned before, any donation is highly appreciated, you can order as little as 1 pack of food.


3. We are also looking for volunteers, who would like to foster our furry angels until they find forever home ( please be advised- you will be responsible for their food and litter, also you might need to take them to the hospital for treatment, since a lot of them were homeless for a while and might need to see a doctor 👩‍⚕️ 👨‍⚕️ please let us know if you have any additional questions

4. Wooohooo 🥳 we got to the 4th option which is adoption ❣️ this is huge responsibility but amazing experience. Are you ready for that unbelievable chapter of your life with a new companion? 


OR CALL OKSANA @ 312-257-1513

P.S. if you could not help us this time - no worries, your karma was already improved after reading this 😉


LEO, 6m.o. boy

TOMMY, 1y.o. boy

NATA, 1y.o. girl

UMA, 6y.o. girl

PIRATE, 3 y.o. boy


5y.o.boy and 2y.o. girl



Awesome guy Jake saved 2 homeless kittens back in 2019 . Good example for us all. Tuxedo - Buddy was rescued and fostered by Lesia Ost, tabby grey-Smoky was found on Facebook and taken from people who were getting rid of him ASAP. Now these 2 guys are very happy and lucky part of Jake’s family. Pay attention how they miss him sleeping on Jake’s part of bed or his clothes. “They're probably 2 of the best animals I've ever owned. They listen to me and talk back lol. Very affectionate and loving. They saved me essentially. But i saved them as well” - said Jack. Buddy and Smoky are vaccinated, fixed and live in Philadelphia Pennsylvania.


Ginger was under risk to be born on the streeet, but good people rescued her mom. Now she is spayed and lives in the same family . Her kittens: Ginger and her siblings found also their forever homes. Ginger is super crazy and active cat. She likes to sleep on the kitchen cabinets and lays in the sink with dishes. She jumps everywhere , every morning has a walk outside chasing birds and flies. Ginger visits her cat friend very often and jumps into the carrier when knows that the family is going for a visit. Also she snores during the night 😂 and is crazy about hugging and travelling in the 🚗 . Ginger is vaccinated, fixed and lives in downtown Philadelphia Pennsylvania.