This album is dedicated to all those wonderful pets that got their wishes granted and found their forever homes! We are so grateful to the attention of those who shared our posts, to the heroic efforts of our volunteers all over the world, to the dedication of our foster parents and, of course, to the kindness of the people who opened up their homes and their hearts for these animals in need! THANK YOU!

Shell - Adopted 02/20/20

Shell was found on the streets of a small town near Moscow. He was severely malnourished and exhausted. As the volunteers learned more about him it became apparent that his owner kept him chained up outside most of the time. When she did not have enough food to feed him she would let him wander the streets of this town and look for his own meal. Shell was a loving and affectionate 1 year old. However he spent another year and half at the shelter in Russia and nobody seemed to want to adopt him. Meanwhile on the other side of the planet, here in US, there was a wonderful young couple dreaming of a perfect furry friend to join their family. Their family was selected out of many candidates that applied for Shell in US. Shell arrived to us on February 2nd and went right to his new home. The new parents said that he fit right in! "He is such a good boy and we love him to pieces already!" said Shell's Mommy after the first day. As the trial period progressed Shell was excited to show his new family that he is smart, affectionate and sweet. Soon it was clear that this boy has found his home and before the trial period was even over, Shell's parents told us that he is staying forever! Shell is now loved and spoiled every day! Recently, the family celebrated his birthday! What an awesome happy fairy tale story! Huge thank you to the loving adoptive family that saved Shell! If you are looking for a loyal best furry friend for life, please, consider adopting!

Ralph - Adopted 06/15/19

Ralph's journey to his forever home was not easy, but just take a look at his transformation! Ralph was found on the streets of Moscow and brought into a shelter at only a month old. The Kozhuhov dog shelter is the largest in Moscow with over 3000 dogs and cats waiting to be adopted. Ralph was a shy sweet boy that never knew home life. He lived in an outdoor kennel with 4 or 5 other dogs and only a roof over their head. They would be released into a muddy play yard rain or shine 3 times a day to run around and do their business. During feeding time he had to quickly devour his dry food, so the larger dogs wouldn't get to it. And then, once a week, kind and caring volunteers would take Ralph and a few others out for a real walk and some one on one attention. Oh, how sweet and short those moments were! Ralph was always hoping that they would take him home, away from the shelter... But he always had to return to the kennel... He would get up on the fence and wait for a human to come by and at least look at him... New dogs would come and go and he was still there... Then finally Ralph's day came!!! He was picked, he was wanted!!! First, he had to travel across the ocean on a plane to US and spend a bit of time in a foster home, but then his family came and got him!!! Little shy boy from the streets of Moscow is now living in a huge house with a large beautiful yard and a pool! He's got toys, he's got treats, but, most importantly, he's got a family that loves him!!! Ralph is a total mama's boy: he cuddles with mommy Lori in the evening, he wakes her up in the morning, he follows her into the shower and offers moral support by her feet while she is washing dishes. Ralph also enjoys walks with daddy and older human sister and some chasing around with his young human brother! He also shares a company with two cats. Ralph has a big living family, he is getting spoiled rotten and, boy, did he deserve it!!! Our team is so so happy and excited for this little boy! If this story touched your heart, please, consider saving a pup! Unfortunately, there is always plenty to choose from... We are thankful to soooo many kind and caring people who have helped Ralph along the way!

Masha - Adopted 06/15/19

"Sometimes saving a dog, saves you!" These are the words of wisdom we've received from our wonderful pet parent, Linda. While on our post-adoption home visit, Linda admitted to us that prior to adopting Masha, she has been deeply depressed, uninterested in life and felt physically weak. "Masha has completely changed my life!" she said. "I feel happy and active, like my old self again!" It's true! Research suggests that our fluffy friends are truly good for our physical and mental health. They provide unconditional acceptance, release oxytocin (feeling of joy) simply by being adorable and decrease stress levels. Our furry tails also lower your blood pressure and keep cholesterol in check. Masha is 1.5 year old girl that was surrendered by her family to a shelter. Who would give up this sweet little baby is beyond our understanding, but nevertheless we are not here to judge... Masha felt betrayed and lost without her humans, so she looked very serious and sad all the time. But take a look at this sweet face after she settled in with her mom Linda! She can be a careless happy puppy again! She enjoys patrolling her yard and is learning to play with toys! This was a perfect match for both of them! Maybe you can find one too?

Timothy, 2 y.o. boy - Adopted 05/30/19

Our team is so thrilled to share the most wonderful news with you! Timothy has been adopted!!! It was a long and tough journey for Timo, a 2 y.o. boy that recently arrived to us from Russia. Timothy has lived with 27 other dogs in horrible conditions and has been abused. While in foster care of our awesome team member Larisa Gusovsky, Timothy worked on his fears with professional trainer Pavel Sasimovich and began to slowly trust again. He was very shy and in need of a forever home that would provide a peaceful and loving environment and would allow him to come out of his shell. A wonderful family has stepped up to this challenge and taken Timo home! @Kara Devers we are so grateful and happy for Timo! We know that he has the most caring and patient family we could’ve wished for!!!

Robin (now Luka) - Adopted 04/14/19

Robin has been adopted! His is a story of amazing survival and success! Robin was found on the streets of Moscow, Russia along with his mommy and 9 other siblings. They were barely surviving at a construction site in the cold wintery weather when our volunteers found them and took them in to a foster home. Robin’s name comes from Robinson Crusoe, a famous character in Daniel Defoe’s book. Robinson survived on a deserted island all alone after the shipwreck. Our boy Robin is a survivor as well. 5 of his siblings were taken by an illness, but he made it through even though he was the tiniest of them all. His time with mommy was cut short because the puppies were quarantined early on. Nevertheless, Robin grew up into a happy puppy and arrived to US to find his forever home in March. It did not take long for the perfect family to come along. Dana and her husband have lost their beloved beagle two years ago and were ready to open up their hearts again. Robin met them one sunny afternoon and they fell in love! I mean who could resist those adorable puppy eyes and the one-ear-up look! Robin is now residing in a beautiful home in Princeton, NJ, plays in a huge 1-acre yard and enjoys getting spoied every day. I hear there is a talk of fun pool time coming up for him this summer! Robin is being a very good boy, but, as any pup needs a bit of discipline and play-bitting rules. He is attending some obidience and puppy socialization classes with mommy. We wish them all the best and will continue checking in with the family once in a while! Thank you, Dana, for providing a loving home and lots of tlc to our little boy!

Nala - Adopted 04/06/19

Recently, our rescue team had the pleasure of placing Nala in her forever home! What a journey it has been! As a puppy, Nala's ears and tail were cut off by someone, most likely to sell her off as an Alabai (Central Asian Shepherd Dog). Obviously, it has not worked and she was abandoned. Last year Nala was found on the streets of a little town in Russia. With winter on the way Nala was roaming the streets in order to find something to eat. She was severely malnourished, soaking wet and freezing. And yet she wouldn't leave without her puppies... Yes, at her tender age of barely a year, she was already a mommy! After wonderful volunteers have rescued her and placed her into a foster home in Russia, they began looking for her forever family. Unfortunately, her looks and sweet nature did not attract anyone in Russia, but we followed her journey and couldn't pass her by. While looking through potential adopters, we got a call all the way from a small town in Massachusetts. Shannon (potential mommy) said that their family saw Nala and fell absolutely in love with her! However, Shannon was just too far for us to travel for a home visit and we’ve decided to go with another family. Nala arrived to US in March and went right to the new home. Meanwhile, Shannon has not given up on Nala and wrote us a long and sweet letter telling us just how much she felt that Nala was meant to be hers! When Nala’s new placement suddenly did not work out, our team felt that the universe is certainly pointing us to Shannon. It was just meant to be! And, so, Nala has finally found her forever home and Shannon has gotten her wish! We are so happy that all the terrible things and long journeys are behind now and life ahead is looking wonderful for Nala! She is enjoying a beautiful home with an acre of fenced yard, many wonderful walks with her mommy and daddy, as well as lazy time with their little boy! Truly inspiring and happy tale!

Uma - Adopted 04/05/19

Uma is home!!! She was found in Russia as a newborn puppy from mom who was a stray dog. She stayed in a foster home for 10 months and then traveled to the US where a perfect family has found her! Uma has tested her new mommy's patience while house-training, but other then that she has felt at home with Corinne and her family day one! She loves to cuddle with her human-sister, gets along with the cat, loves to give kisses and go for hikes! We are happy Uma was a perfect fit and now has a home of her own!

Elsa - Adopted 03/16/19

This is truly a happiest of the happy tales so far! Elsa arrived to our foster care this February as a shy and gentle girl. When you look into her eyes, you feel that she is what they call an old soul in a young body. In her year and half of life, she has lived through plenty of cold nights on the street, hungry days and an enormous responsibility, because she was a mommy to 10 pups. She gave birth and nursed them while living under a construction site container. Her puppies got taken away early because of the virus that has left only 5 of her pups alive. She felt a bit lost and scared... In our foster home, Elsa has found a wonderful friend and a playmate in another doggie. Each day she has progressed in every way. She learned to trust people, to have fun and she learned that she can have something of her own. When the right family came along, Elsa was well adjusted and socialized. She immediatly bonded with their dog and has adjusted very fast. Elsa now lives in a big house with an acre of fenced land and loving family. She has grown into a very smart and playful girl, who is also an excellent protector! Her parents have had years of pet ownership, dog training and even breeding. They are absolutely impressed at how quickly and easily Elsa catches on and learns new things. The family is staying in touch and will continue to send us a lot of pictures! We are so very pleased with this placement, because this little mama deserves the very best in her life! Thank you to all who shared her story! It's the days like this that make all of our hard work so worth it!

Olivia - Adopted 02/22/19

Olivia, our little Olive… This dog’s story is full of tragedy… Although she is only 1.5 years old, Olivia went through many obstacles in her life. Throughout the summer she was living with a family in a summer house, but when the season was over, the so-called “owners” drove her into a remote location and threw her out of the car. Poor shaking animal was hiding in the bushes by the road for days, coming out only in hopes of seeing her owner’s car. She was scared to walk away and miss it. When the local volunteers were notified, they had to search for Olivia for two days and nights under a pouring rain. Finally, she has made the decision to come out. Olivia was in bad shape: thin, malnourished, soaking wet, shaking from cold and fear. After a few moments in the warm car she licked the volunteer’s hand. She still had trust in people. After staying with a foster family in Russia for a while and getting all her vaccinations and health checks, Olivia travelled to the US to find her family. It did not take long for her new mommy to welcome Olivia home! Olivia now has a sister (doggie named Iris) and mommy and daddy who love her so much! She enjoys running around in a big back yard and cuddling on the couch. Welcome home Olivia, we wish you all the love and happiness that you deserve!