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Meet Marie

Marie was rescued from the street. We assumed she was abandoned in the street and had lived in the street for a while before being rescued. On the first day she arrived at the foster's house, she was nervous and hesitant to come out of the kennel. She seemed to be very interested in people but meantime she wanted to be cautious. She came out of the kennel pretty quickly though and started to explore the house. Spending a few months with the foster, she is a lot more relaxing and comfortable now.

Marie is very friendly to people, even to the strangers in the street. She likes to be petted and hugged and always ready to shower your face with kisses. She is ok with both women and men but please be noted that she was little scared of men in the beginning. This charming girl gets along ok with kids. Marie is not really friendly to other dogs. There are certain dogs she likes to play with but most of time she barks toward other dogs and doesn't seem to know to be a friend with them. We assume there must have been an incident that she was attacked by the group of dogs in the street and she got traumatized since. She is getting trained to learn how to socialize with other dogs and the improvements have been noted but obviously still need more time.

Marie is ok with human kids though. She is housebroken and crate trained. Neither separation anxiety nor food/resources is noted. She stays pretty calm at home enjoying her own private time. She is not a barker. She likes to eat and play with toys and likes to sleep on her pillow at night. 100% potty trained without accidents. Marie loves to go out for walk exploring the neighborhoods. This smart girl understands her name as well as many commands in Korean like sit, wait, eat, lie, come, jump. No problem with riding a car.

*Ideal family: -The house where she can be only dog, NO SECOND DOG please! -The family without young kids so that Marie can enjoy her own time without being bothered *Medical Note: Negative on Giardia and Parvo. She was treated for heartworm and tested for negative on Sep.03.2022. No other medical conditions are noted.

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